Mitchell High School Dance

Fall 2019 Events

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An MHS Dance Production

November 21st and 22nd, 2019

7pm @ Potter Street Theatre

Last year was complicated. I really like having a routine that I can depend on and grounds me to what is most important. My routine was disrupted one morning when I was riding my bike to work. I checked both ways, I had the clear to walk signal, and about four pedals in a vehicle turning right forgot to look in the crosswalk. The vision I had for my life changed when I met someone who made me believe that it was possible for me to imagine my life with another person, and faded when it was evident that that version of a life couldn’t support who I was as an individual. My faith was tested when I received a knock on my door at 11:30pm by the police who informed me that my parked car had been totaled in a three car accident. It does not take a long time for life to become difficult, and it takes less time for me to blame myself for the challenging moments in my life. If I hadn’t thought that riding my bike to work was a good idea. If I had just kept myself closed off. If I had just chosen a different parking spot. My work in “Withstand: A MHS Dance Production” is a reflection of challenges, releasing self from displaced blame, and rediscovering the most important things that allow us to withstand the challenges that continually pile onto our subconscious. Through recognizing my insecurities, I discover my strength. I can’t outrun the past. I can’t avoid having the rug pulled out from under me. With the support from my Mitchell community, I can withstand continual setbacks because at Mitchell we have a worthwhile vision (inspired by Dr. Asseaid Habtewold).